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bike locks

YWS-SL2 CANbus + RFID E-Lock solution for E-Bike system

Features : Can be intergrated with E-Bike system. A lock device which can work with IoT module / BLE module / E-Bike drive control system. YWS-SL2 not only suitable for general E-Bikes, especially suitable for rental E-Bikes.

Lock / Unlock Fuction : E-Bike system definition contrl device (BLE/IoT/Cloud or others) and E-Key (RFID Key Fob)

Power Input : 5V,12V,24V,48V (may need Voltage step-down Circuit Board)

Connector : 6 core waterproof connector (TBD)

Maximum Instantaneous Current: 60mA (estimated)

Standby Current Consumption : 20mA (estimated)

Continues Operation Times:5,000+ Times with E-Bike power Supply

Ingress Protection Rating: IPX4 or higher level

Operation Temperature: -15℃-+65℃ (Cycle tested by “Highest Temp. for 4Hr --> Normal Temp. --> Lowest Temp. for 4Hr--> Normal Temp.”)

Compound Lock System:  Can be use also with Chain or Cable